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When JavaScript inventor and co-founder Brendan Eich states that , “Today, I saw the future…”, one just might sit up and listen….

Mozilla and OTOY (which AutoCad vendor Autodesk acquired sometime ago) have announced a JavaScript library that allows native desktop apps to be run in the cloud and then delivered to your web browser via streaming. Their code library, called ORBX.js allows Linux, Mac OS x and Windows applications to run on hosted servers and be accessed via any of the 5 major web browsers, using HTML5.

How important is this? JavaScript inventor Brendan Eich says that, “Today, I saw the future…”. He recently demoed a hosted Epic Games Unreal Engine 3 running at full frame under a FireFox browser using this technology. If you do not play games, how else might this benefit you?:

  • Run Adobe Premiere or Photoshop on your 7” Android tablet
  • Run Windows Office suite applications on your iPad or ChromeBook
  • Run a MAC OS x app on your Windows laptop through a Chrome web browser

Compare the hosted HTML5 session below with the Native PC session:


Brendan states that this is not just remote desktop technology. All of that power that has traditionally resided on the GPU on your PC’s or laptop’s graphics card can now be rendered and delivered in the cloud. Because this GPU in the cloud can watermark the frames, even the need for Digital Rights Management (DRM) might be eliminated. As applications become more powerful, real-time collaboration, say, on video editing, or other multi-media applications can be conducted in separate, distant sites – from office to office, or between remote school classroom to classroom in another country.

Of course, there might be licensing challenges to overcome, especially from Microsoft and Apple when OTOY CEO Jules Urbach muses that…”we’re at the point where you just don’t need a Windows PC anymore.” Another reason to get those BYOD policies into shape?

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